Biggest Challenge For The Next President?

The incoming Administration will be faced with a lot of challenges. Part of that is the uniqueness of what has been the year 2020. Yet, the pandemic will hopefully be waning by the time that the new presidential term starts in January. The vaccines will presumably already being administered and medical professionals say that everyone who wants a vaccine could be vaccinated as early as June. If that is the case, then the primary issue with the pandemic will be the economic recovery and how to pay for the cost of the pandemic relief. The biggest challenge may be one of foreign policy, in an area that the Obama Administration failed miserably but has shown historic progress in the last three months.

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Supreme Court Rules That New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Discriminates Against Religion

As we were preparing for our Thanksgiving celebrations, you may have missed a Supreme Court ruling in a case out of New York. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s restrictions on attendance at churches and synagogues was unconstitutional.

That is the simple, and immediate issue, at hand. But the ruling was far more significant.

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A New Hope For Peace

One of the more amazing things in the last couple of months, and encouraging to the whole world, are the growing prospects for widespread peace in the Middle East.

The leaders of Egypt and Israel won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978 after a deal brokered by President Jimmy Carter led to Egypt agreeing to recognize Israel and the two nations establishing normal relations. In the intervening 40+ years, little progress has been made on bringing peace to the Middle East by any nation or US President, Republican or Democrat.

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World Meteorological Organization Issues Environmental Report

Ardent environmentalists were aghast when the US announced that it would pull out of the Paris Climate Accord a couple (and you have to call it an ‘Accord’ because it wasn’t a ‘treaty’, otherwise President Obama would have had to get approval from Congress and he didn’t do that).

Despite significant flaws, such as having absolutely no restrictions on China or India for their release of greenhouse gases or carbon emissions, environmentalists said that the US pulling out was ‘an existential crisis’, a crisis that literally put human existence at risk.

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Thanksgiving At The Cuomo’s

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is among several state governors who have issued new restrictions on gatherings for the upcoming holiday. Among those guidelines, he has limited the number of people that should be in any home to celebrate the holiday.

Later, when doing a public interest story, a reporter asked what his plans were for the holidays. Gov. Cuomo shared that he was having a bunch of extended family over for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. But…oops, the plans he shared with reporters exceeded the restrictions that he said everyone else should follow. Bad move to tell that publicly, huh? Well, like so many other governors that ignored their own restrictions for everyone else, Cuomo apologized and said he would change his plans.

Not to worry, though, because the FDA is reviewing approval for vaccines that hopefully will allow things to get back to normal soon.

But…no, no wait….after Cuomo repeatedly criticized the Federal government for not having a coordinated national strategy for the pandemic, Cuomo has decided that individual states should take more control after all and said he wouldn’t trust anything coming out of a Trump Administration. So he’s going to have New York state health officials look at the vaccine and review the FDA’s review of medical data before he allows it to be used in his state. So, New Yorkers, you will have to wait a bit longer. Sorry.

But have some more turkey. Cuomo says you can be thankful that he’s your governor.

Another Reason Why California Is Now The Joke Of The Nation

As the radicalism of California’s politics has grown, so has the reaction in the rest of the nation to the sometimes bizarre nature of life in the state. From scheduling power outages in the state because the infrastructure hasn’t been allowed to grow to handle the load, to some of the more outlandish social laws that leave the rest of the country scratching their heads, California is becoming  the state that everyone loves to laugh at.

This week, the joke…or the travesty, is California’s political elites and their refusal to follow the rules that they pass.

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Biden Is Right, His Supporters Are Wrong

When projections showed that Joe Biden would be the President-elect when the Electoral College votes next month, he spoke about his vision for the country.  In his remarks, Biden took the high road, the correct road for a leader, and said that he wanted to reach out and also represent people who may not have voted for him. He said he wanted to put away the partisanship and to move the country forward, and that we needed to put away the bitterness and name calling.

He is right. We can’t work to help the country we love if we view those that disagree with us as evil. We can’t hate half the country and at the same time think we, along can make it better. It’s pretty simple, yet seemingly very hard to do these days.

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Political Elites Rarely Change–‘The Rules Are For You’

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently ordered new lockdown guidelines as coronavirus cases rise again. But the guidelines are meant for others, not for him.

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