Election Quick Takes

Other than the obvious, that being that we are still waiting for final results from the presidential election, here are some election news items that you may have missed.

Three New Members Of Congress Have Families Who Lived Under Socialism

Congresswoman-elect Victoria Spartz (R-IN) will make history as the first Soviet-born member of Congress. Spartz grew up in Ukraine region of the fomer Soviet Union. 

Two daughters of Cuban immigrants, Maria Elvira Salazar of Florida and Nicole Malliotakis of New York, will also take office and can share family experiences of living under socialism.

Illinois Voters Rejected A Third Massive Tax Increase In Ten Years…By A Wide Margin

Illinois has taxes among the highest taxes in the nation and has had two massive tax increases in the last decade in an attempt to deal with ongoing budget problems. Less than 6 years ago, the problems were so bad that the state actually had to issue IOUs because it could not pay its bills. The state passed a huge tax hike but now is seeing a budget shortfall yet again and the Governor said that he doesn’t know how he could deal with a projected $8 B budget gap.

This year, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker got a referendum on the ballot that would have allowed the state to raise taxes on high income individuals and then spent over $50 M of his own money to get it passed. Voters, however rejected it soundly.  Though it would have affected high income earners initially, voters felt that another tax increase wasn’t the solution to the state’s budget problems. Voters sent a message that it wasn’t a shortage of money or taxes that weren’t high enough. The issue is out of control spending that the Governor and legislature refuse to get under control.

Many Voters In Portland Think The City Isn’t Radical Enough?!

Among the races on the ballot this week, was an election for the Mayor of Portland. We have seen the riots in Portland that have lasted through the summer and continued as recently as last night. Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler has largely refused to respond and has ordered the police to let it happen unless life is directly threatened. As a result, Portland had over 100 straight days of riots resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in damage in the city. Late in the summer, the rioters actually attacked the Mayor’s condo building, which led him to put it on the market to sell and move to someplace more safe.

Yet another candidate ran against him and got enough votes to force a runoff. Sarah Iannarone ran for Mayor suggesting that Wheeler was too conservative. Iannarone, identifying herself as a violent radical claims “I am ANTIFA” and then hired a campaign manager who identifies himself as a communist.

Bernie Sanders endorsed Iannarone, which is rare for a national figure to get involved in local politics and couldn’t help but raise eyebrows and make people wonder exactly how radical Sanders is, after all.

Iannarone lost the election by roughly 5%, meaning that a large minority of Portland thinks the city is not radical enough. That’s scary.

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