Political Elites Rarely Change–‘The Rules Are For You’

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently ordered new lockdown guidelines as coronavirus cases rise again. But the guidelines are meant for others, not for him.

Newsom was spotted with his wife recently at an upscale restaurant, attending a large birthday party for one of his political advisors. And, of course, his own guidelines forbid large gatherings. And for good measure, the selection of the party venue was also a bit tone deaf, as the upscale restaurant advertises a ‘tasting menu’ for $325/person and up at a time that lockdowns have resulted in massive job losses to low income workers across several industries.

UPDATE: As it turns out, the head of the California Medical Association was also at the party. So much for doctors following medical advice.

The incident can’t help but remind people of similar hypocrisy among other distinguished politicians, including a member of Newsom’s extended family when Speaker Nancy Pelosi violated California’s guidelines to get her hair done. And Governors just seem to have a problem with following their own orders. They think they can make exceptions for themselves, at the same time they are threatening fines and even jail time for others. Such was the case with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer who, within days of issuing guidelines not to travel for the Memorial Day holiday weekend, had her husband drive up to prepare their boat for the water at their lake house a few hours away. You see, the rules are for ‘the peasants’ and not for the people who make them.

At least the Mayor of Washington DC is clear that she isn’t going to do what she tells others to do. Muriel Bowser traveled to Delaware to attend a victory party for Joe Biden. Delaware is a ‘high risk’ state based on a travel restriction list issued by Bowser. When asked, Bowser simply said that since she is Mayor both formal and non-formal events are ‘essential business’ and so she didn’t violate her own rules….because, well, basically because she exempts herself from everything since she, and everything she does, is ‘essential’.

“Do as I say, not as I do.”—the words they live by and the best reason to never too give too much power to politicians.

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