Biden Is Right, His Supporters Are Wrong

When projections showed that Joe Biden would be the President-elect when the Electoral College votes next month, he spoke about his vision for the country.  In his remarks, Biden took the high road, the correct road for a leader, and said that he wanted to reach out and also represent people who may not have voted for him. He said he wanted to put away the partisanship and to move the country forward, and that we needed to put away the bitterness and name calling.

He is right. We can’t work to help the country we love if we view those that disagree with us as evil. We can’t hate half the country and at the same time think we, along can make it better. It’s pretty simple, yet seemingly very hard to do these days.

Clearly, President Trump broke new ground in personal attacks coming from the Oval Office. When someone disagreed with him, even those he himself appointed to their jobs,  he didn’t attack their beliefs or thinking, he attacked them personally and called them names (sort of like we told our children not to do when they were in junior high school). Even those who agreed with his policies, agreed that he wasn’t really a good person but would say “I’m not voting for a preacher, I’m voting for someone to be president.”

But as soon as the Electoral College meets next month, Trump will be an outgoing President and that won’t be an issue. And Republicans need to do as they asked Democrats to do the previous four years and acknowledge Joe Biden is President of the country.

But the lingering problem may be Biden’s supporters. Although you have to respect Biden for trying to reach out, many of his prominent supporters are having none of it and are vowing retribution for those they disagreed with.  Yes, not just bitterness but retribution. You don’t believe it?

  • Columnist Jennifer Rubin wrote “We have to burn down the Republican Party.”
  • “Morons” said commentator Keith Olberman, referring to the 71 M people who voted for Donald Trump and the need for them to be…”removed from our society while we try to rebuild it.”
  • Ex-Obama campaign spokesman and Democratic National Party press secretary, Hari Sevugan suggested that no one should never hire ex-Trump Administration officials so they would “know there are consequences”
  • NBA basketball players say they want trades for no reason other than who their employer voted for (meaning as much as they say they want to celebrate diversity, they don’t actually want diversity).

Yes, Joe Biden was right and we do need to get back to civility, to a time when President Reagan and his political nemesis Tip O’Neil would meet at the end of the day to kick back and tell stories, a time when liberal Dan Rostenkowski, where we realized people who disagree just disagree but aren’t evil. Biden needs to convince his supporters of that, as well.

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