Another Reason Why California Is Now The Joke Of The Nation

As the radicalism of California’s politics has grown, so has the reaction in the rest of the nation to the sometimes bizarre nature of life in the state. From scheduling power outages in the state because the infrastructure hasn’t been allowed to grow to handle the load, to some of the more outlandish social laws that leave the rest of the country scratching their heads, California is becoming  the state that everyone loves to laugh at.

This week, the joke…or the travesty, is California’s political elites and their refusal to follow the rules that they pass.

To combat the rise in cases of corona virus, California’s Governor issued a new set of restrictions recently, which included closing restaurants to indoor dining, limiting any large gatherings including funerals and churches and discouraging travel ( Los Angeles health officials have said students shouldn’t even come home for Thanksgiving). BUT all that only applies to certain people.

This past week, Gov. Gavin Newsom attended a birthday party for one of his friends at a restaurant. The party was held indoors at the restaurant, with a couple of dozen guests who were seen mingling and having fun without masks at the swank eatery where a ‘tasting plate’ is $325/person. Ah, but that wasn’t the whole story. As it turns out, the head of the California Medical Association was also at the party, as was the CEO of one of the large hospitals in the state. And, yesterday comes the news that one of the Governor’s children has been quarantined for being in close contact with someone that tested positive.

And the stories get better. Also this week came news that eight California legislators were scheduled to travel to Hawaii to attend a conference at a $500/night resort. Among the agenda topics at the conference is how to handle the covid pandemic. We can only assume the topics will include such things as travel restrictions, limiting large gatherings, etc..

But, yeah, Governor Newsome and California’s public health officials are looking out for you! Doesn’t that make you feel better?

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