Tuesday Quick Takes

News that you may not have seen, but is worth reading. This edition includes news on bipartisanship and delusions of grandeur for politicians, media personalities and athletes.

The Cuomo Brothers Tell Us How To Handle A Pandemic

Chris Cuomo, brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, took to his nightly show on CNN to talk about how the pandemic has been mishandled and how the nation would have been better if things had been done differently early on, thoughts on vaccine distribution and other pandemic-related topics, many echoing what his brother had delivered previously.

What Chris Cuomo didn’t mention was how things were mishandled early on in New York, resulting in more deaths there than any other state (by a huge margin) even those with a much higher population, a death rate more than double the national average, more deaths among elderly residents than anywhere else including Florida who not only has a higher population but also the highest number of people over 60 in the nation.

No, CNN and Cuomo left all that out. But, oddly, CNN and big media personalities say that they are at a loss to understand it when people talk about bias in the media.  Go figure.

All Because She Said The Hearings Were Fair

Never say things were fair if you didn’t win.  That’s the message from President Trump, who said even before the election that if he didn’t win it would because it was rigged. But, it seems that Democratic Senate Leader Chuck Schumer feels the same way.

When hearings were held on the last nominee to the Supreme Court, Amy Barrett, the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, Diane Feinstein, congratulated the Republican Chairman of the Committee on what she said was a fair hearing, even though she voted against the nominee (Barrett was eventually confirmed). That was too much for fellow Democrats who were outraged that Feinstein would dare say anything nice, much less say anything that Republicans did was fair. Schumer later met with Feinstein to talk about her remarks.

Feinstein announced yesterday that she would give up her spot as the ranking Democrat on the important Justice Committee and would be focusing on other things. The timing is even more odd because there are two runoff elections in January that will determine control of the Senate. If Democrats win both, Feinstein would become the Chair of the Judiciary Committee, but no more.

The Never-Ending, “I’m In The Top 1% But I’m Still A Victim” Tour Of Colin Kaepernick

In case anyone has forgotten, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick released a video of himself working out and then reminded the world that it has been 1363 days since he has had an NFL job but that he’s still ready to play.

He didn’t remind everyone that he lost his starting job with the 49ers to Blaine Gabbert (who was out of the league two years later), and then got frustrated and exercised his player option to get out of his contract. Then he turned down contract offers from the Broncos and teams in the Canadian Football League.

So, despite what he and his worshippers say, it’s not that he can’t get a job playing football, it’s that he walked away from the one he had and he refuses to be paid like a back-up. He is unemployed by choice….but don’t worry though. He still lives in a multi-million dollar home, drives a nice car and gets plenty of money from Nike endorsements.

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