‘Right To Repair’ Law Passes

We should look for good ideas, wherever they may come from. One of the most recent comes from a referendum passed in Massachusetts this week dubbed the ‘right to repair’ law. It’s a victory for free markets and consumers.

The law, simply put, requires that new vehicles be made with common, standard electronic data systems that can be accessed by anyone with the proper equipment. Previously, car manufacturers had installed proprietary systems to access data on cars that would require an owner needing service to go to a dealership for certain types of repairs. Now, people will be able to go to independent garages or possibly even do the repairs themselves since they will now have access to data that previously manufacturers made sure only their own dealerships could access.

That’s free market economics and when consumers have choices, they win.

Here Is Why We Don’t Have A Covid Relief Bill

When the pandemic hit and began to devastate the economy, Congress passed a bill to supplement unemployment benefits for people who lost jobs, give aid to business so they could keep meeting payrolls and aid to the airline and travel industries that were most hard hit. Supplemental unemployment benefits ended July 30 and aid for the travel industries expired on Sept. 30. Since that time, Democrats and Republicans have had plenty of time to campaign but haven’t been able to come up with a new relief bill for the largest health crisis in 100 years and the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression. Why?

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Three Takeaways From The Election

Final election results are not yet in. The presidential race is still to be decided, as are several congressional and legislative contests. However, we know enough about the results to draw some conclusions

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