Sidney Powell and 2020-Quite A Combination

Sidney Powell, is a lawyer that was part of the Trump campaign’s legal team until recently, when she was allowed to pursue ‘independent investigations’ of fraud on her own, and she no longer has association with Trump’s legal staff, according to an announcement last week.

 Powell says that she is going to continue to fight voter fraud in multiple states, and has filed lawsuits in Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia, for example, on that topic.

The lawsuits make for some pretty funny stories, as it turns out.

In Michigan, the lawsuit cites self-described ‘cybersecurity expert’ Navid Keshavarz-Nia who says that in Edison County, Michigan, Joe Biden received more votes than the number of people who were registered to vote in that county. The only problem that Powell has with that argument? Well, as it turns out, there is no Edison County in Michigan.

In Wisconsin, Powell filed a lawsuit alleging fraud on behalf of Republican congressional candidate Derrick Van Orden, who narrowly lost his race to the incumbent Democrat Ron Kind. Van Orden was listed as plaintiff in the suit that sought to overturn the election and to hold a new vote. The only problem with that? Van Orden didn’t know anything about it and had already conceded.

“I learned through social media today that my name was included in a lawsuit without my permission,” Van Orden said in a statement. “To be clear, I am not involved in the lawsuit seeking to overturn the election in Wisconsin.”

And in Georgia, Powell filed a suit alleging computer software violations that results in tens of thousands of votes being changed. The only problem with that? Georgia did a recount of the votes statewide….by hand. The results didn’t change.

If you tried to make a movie about this stuff, no one would believe you. But in 2020, and with Sidney Powell, all sorts of things are possible.

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