Monday Quick Takes

The presidential election is officially over, another major company moves out of California, Utah State football players walk out and Seattle….well, continues to be Seattle.

Electoral College Meets

The Electoral College voted today to formally finalize the results of the presidential election. Joe Biden won the majority of electoral votes and will take office next month.

Trump’s last shot at changing the result was over the weekend, in a lawsuit heard in federal District Court covering Wisconsin. The District Court judge presiding was Brett Ludwig, who was appointed by President Trump. The Court rejected the suit as without merit, as had other Federal judges appointed by Trump in other cases.

Migration Out of California Picks Up Steam

In an article this fall, Thinking Man wondered aloud if California was becoming a third world country.

With the second year of planned power blackouts because the power grid could not support demand and residents in some southern California areas forming their own ‘fire brigades’ because they can’t get timely responses to help with wildfires, there are more and more people who are saying “enough” and have decided to move out of the state.

High taxes and decaying infrastructure are having an effect. The migration of people and business out of California is speeding up with the announcement late last week from Oracle, saying it will be moving its headquarters from California to Texas. This comes after several other corporate moves out of California including Hewlett-Packard and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The corporate migration reflects what we are also seeing from individuals. The movement of people from California to other hotspots has become almost a punchline, and in parts of California you can’t even get a U-Haul without either a wait of several weeks or unless you promise to return it to the same place you rented from (which sort of defeats the purpose).

As California moves increasingly farther left politically, it becomes more evident what a radical liberal and socialist society might look like in the US. People don’t like what they are seeing. And corporations are finding they can’t run a business easily and so they are leaving and taking jobs with them.

The economics are pretty simple and pretty predictable. And it will start to snowball, as the politicians who already have taxes at the highest in the country, raise them even further to make up for the lost tax revenue that has left the state. The worst is yet to come, unfortunately, but predictably.

Utah State Football Players Boycott Game

Utah State football players refused to play their game Saturday against Colorado State and the game was cancelled.

The refusal came after statements made by Noelle Crockett, the university president, which players said showed a prejudice against the coach’s religious beliefs.

Utah State is looking for a new coach after firing the team’s coach weeks ago. The players, met with the administration to share their opinions. As players relayed it, “During the meeting, we voiced our support for Interim Head Coach Frank Maile. In response to our comments, their primary concern was his religious and cultural background (Maile is Mormon). Players, stating their diverse faiths and backgrounds, then jumped to Coach Frank Maile’s defense.” 

Seattle: You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Live There, But…

The Seattle City Council is considering a change in the criminal code so that criminals who commit theft, trespassing or even simple assault could be exempt from prosecution if they can prove that their survival was dependent on their crime, in what is being nicknamed the ‘poverty defense’.

So, for example, if you don’t want to get a job but need a way to live and eat, and decide that you need to steal everything you need/want, all you have to do is prove that you needed it and didn’t have money to get it, then you won’t be able to be prosecuted. Or, further, you decided to squat in some apartments that are being renovated and the owner finds out. The owner then has your things removed and you take a swing or hit the owner with a baseball bat. If you can prove that you needed a place to live, then you would be exempt from prosecution.

The Bible and Torah say that stealing and hurting your neighbor is wrong, as does millennia of human common law. But the Seattle City Council knows better. Tell us how that works.

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