Andrew Cuomo Reminds Us Again of His Incompetence

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reminded us again twice this week why he may be the most incompetent governor in the country, oddly in spite of the fact that he seems to be a media darling.

After again shutting down schools statewide just a few weeks ago, Cuomo has been under pressure as students fall further behind. This week, Cuomo held a press conference where he said there is new data that children are at less risk and schools have had less transmission than other places and so he will be allowing schools to start working on going back to in person instruction.

Actually, Cuomo is wrong. We have known for months, actually since spring, that children are less prone to get the virus. And he has just refused to look at data on schools, because data in the state of New York shows that schools are not primary places of virus transmission. Governor,  if you are just now finding all of that out, then you are spending too much time on public relations and not enough time on doing your job.

As if that isn’t enough, Cuomo announced on Friday that the state may need to raise taxes….now. In the middle of a pandemic.  So there are millions of people unemployed, businesses that have been forced to close because of Cuomo’s shut down orders, and Cuomo thinks that THIS is a time to raise taxes?  It’s hard to wrap your mind around what would possess someone to think that raising taxes, now, is a smart thing to do.

Mark it down that Andrew Cuomo was Governor of New York when the city and state started to die. Would the last person left in New York state turn out the lights when you leave?

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