Events Of The Week Reveal Trump

If there is anyone that thinks they don’t know President Trump (is that possible these days?), then this week revealed his personality and priorities with crystal clarity. Three things stood out to anyone who was paying attention.

Election fraud?

Trump has claimed since before Election Day that there was massive voter fraud. One of the charges involved computer software from the firm Smartmatic. So the conspiracy theory goes, as pushed most vocally and specifically by Trump legal ally Sidney Powell, Smartmatic computer software was responsible for switching votes from Trump to Biden, and was influenced and aided by the Venezuelan government.

Apparently, Smartmatic had enough and issued letters to Fox News anchor Lou Dobbs, Newsmax network and One American Network threatening to sue because of what they said are false claims, in several respects.

Oddly, when faced with the prospect of actually having to produce evidence of fraud involving Smartmatic, the respective networks and anchors all decided to retract previous claims of fraud by the computer software company. And that is really confusing because, all along, they all said they had the evidence but no court would hear it-what happened? Unless, just maybe, it had no basis in fact at all and they didn’t really want to go to a court at all, because they knew they would have to pay damages if they didn’t retract their claims. Hmmmm….


A vaccine?

The biggest news, literally in the whole world, is that a vaccine for the coronavirus rolled out this week and the first people in the country started getting their shots. President Trump made no appearance, made no mention of it, did not tweet about it and was strikingly silent and absent. Why would that be?  Surely it’s at least as important as the election….or are his meetings to figure out how to stay in office more important than stopping a pandemic? As the saying goes, “Don’t tell me what your priorities are. You actions will show me.” (As an aside, Vice President Pence did make several public appearances, including one where he got his shot).


“I know he’s dead but I still hate him”

Though a vaccine wasn’t worth a comment, Trump did find time to put out a tweet taking a shot at former Sen. John McCain, who he called one of the ‘most overrated’ people ever.

John McCain has been dead now for two years. What is the reason for continuing to take shots at a dead person? And forget what you think of McCain and his politics, he served us in the armed forces and spent years in a prison camp, which left him permanently disabled. From Thinking Man’s perspective, that in itself is worthy of respect. But Trump obviously hates him, and is so consumed by his hatred that he still can’t get him off his mind and takes public shots at him years after he died.

And, frankly, there must be some sort of mental condition involved. So Trump hated McCain, big deal. He can hate him all he wants. But, as a politician, why couldn’t he just keep quiet? After all, right or wrong, McCain was a revered figure in Arizona and running for re-election, Trump needed to win in Arizona.

Mr. President, when you came to office, Arizona had two Republican senators and had not voted for a Democrat for president since 1992. Four years later, they now have two Democratic senators and you were the first Republican presidential nominee to lose in the state for three decades! Your hate is so strong that you couldn’t just keep your mouth shut, even if it meant losing an election? Really? That sort of makes me question your rationality (I long ago gave up questioning your maturity).

Forgive my normal efforts at some semblance of modesty, but your hatred of McCain, his service to the country, and your continued obsession with a man long ago dead and a hatred obsession so strong that you are willing to lose an election rather than not talk about him….you have definite psychological issues about that particular man. And to continually use your platform as President to insult a man who gave a lot for our country? You are a disgusting excuse for a human being.

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