Lawmaker Dies, Liberal Journalists Celebrate

It’s no surprise to anyone that our political environment has become very partisan and very polarized. The days of someone like Ronald Reagan, who could be friends with political opponents and even compromise to get things done, seem a thing of the past.

But it is appalling when we find people who hope for harm or hurt to the people they disagree with, or who celebrate the death of another human simply because they didn’t like their opinions. Are we really not better than this?!

Such was the case when Luke Letlow, a Congressman from Louisiana, who died earlier this week from complications of covid-19 and left behind a family that included two small children. The link below is to an article that talks about the reaction of certain journalists from ‘The Daily Beast’ and ‘Vox’, who clearly are consumed by hate for anyone that disagrees. And it speaks to their employers that they allow this vitriol.

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