To Add Insult To Injury, Gov. Andrew Cuomo Botches Vaccine Rollout

In another example of the capacity for self-delusion, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is botching the rollout of vaccines for the biggest health crisis in a century, only months after writing a book congratulating himself on his leadership during the pandemic.

Unfortunately for New Yorkers, by almost every objective measure the state of New York has suffered most from the pandemic and has far more deaths than any other state. So bad has it been, and so bad has the response been, that the last several months have seen hordes of people fleeing the state.

And when there is finally hope on the horizon with the release of millions of doses of two vaccines, New York has gotten shipments but just can’t seem to get them distributed to actual people. Cuomo’s Administration set up guidelines for priority, only to change them multiple times. For example, he moved teachers up on the priority list when people complained about wanted to get back to in person learning after Cuomo ordered schools closed. Yet, some teachers now are refusing to go back to schools even after receiving the vaccine.

There are thousands upon thousands of doses just sitting at distribution centers in New York, while the death toll rises. Cuomo set guidelines on who could get it and how. Clearly those guidelines and his demand for full control of everything failed. They have now decided that maybe setting up vaccine centers to get the medicine actually administered to people might be a good idea, if Cuomo’s carefully laid plans aren’t working.  “Do you think?”, as they say.

Cuomo failed in his initial response to the pandemic. Cuomo failed to learn lessons along the way. And now he has botched the roll out. New York has had more deaths than any other state, even states with far higher population. But Cuomo can’t even seem to take a solution when it’s given to him.

Unfortunately for New Yorkers, one of the biggest risk areas to health is living in a state where Andrew Cuomo is governor.

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