The Capitol Attack-Some Short Notes

It is still hard to process all the events of last week’s attack on the US Capitol, the very seat of our government, and on the lawmakers who were meeting and were forced to flee.

The bigger picture issues are still yet to be addressed, and our leaders will need unbelievable wisdom to sort those out. There are several actions that are coming to light that would be of tremendous significance in normal times, but these are not normal times. Nevertheless, they are worth noting, especially since they involve public servants, who receive our tax dollars, which were involved in the attacks on our government.

Freshman Member of Congress Passes Info to Rioters

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), a freshman Congressperson, was initially tweeting out the physical location of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. As an ardent opponent of Pelosi who previously had been associated with several crazy conspiracy theories, Boebert was obviously trying to help the rioters find Pelosi. Over five dozen lawmakers in her Colorado district have called for law enforcement to investigate her actions and her chief of staff has resigned over her actions.

That’s quite an accomplishment for someone who has been in office for less than two weeks. She should be charged, prosecuted and the House should censure her.

Police Officers and National Guard Member Involved In Attack On Capitol

Rocky Mount (Virginia) Police Officers Jacob Fracker and Thomas Robertson were charged in federal court on Wednesday in connection with the attack on the US Capitol last week. Fracker is also a member of the National Guard.

The two officers, who were off duty at the time, were photographed inside the Capitol making obscene gestures, according to the US Attorney’s office. Robertson posted on social media that “we actually attacked the government” and “took the f***ing Capitol”. That, by definition, is an insurrection.

As police officers, and Fracker being a member of the military, they have a special responsibility to uphold the law, especially when it comes to an attack on the very seat of our government.

They have been charged and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. They should also both be fired and Fracker, as a military member, should be charged with mutiny and receive a dishonorable discharge. They are disgusting people who dishonor their uniforms.

New Senator Tommy Tuberville Fails Basic Civics

Newly elected Senator from Alabama and ex-Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville isn’t very familiar with the US Constitution. An ardent Trump supporter, and possibly with an eye to delaying the inauguration of the new president, Tuberville suggested that the inauguration be delayed due to the covid pandemic. There is only one problem with that:  the date the new president takes office is fixed in the US Constitution.

Tommy, it looks like you need to re-take Social Studies 101.

2 thoughts on “The Capitol Attack-Some Short Notes”

  1. Tuberville only coached at Auburn. He is not an Auburn grad nor is he an Alabama native.
    He was an education major in college, but he was an athlete which raises the probability that he didn’t attend class regularly.


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