Flip Flopping Quick Takes

On this Friday, examples of people who just can’t make up their minds on which side of a question they want to be on, so they just change depending on the day. And, to be fair, examples from both political parties and one from the media.

Andrew Cuomo Being Andrew Cuomo

In the ongoing and mind-boggling saga of Andrew Cuomo’s approach to addressing the pandemic, on Monday during his State of the State speech, he changed his opinion yet again. And don’t worry, you can be forgiven if you are getting dizzy from spinning around trying to follow his almost monthly ‘about face’ statements.

In talking directly about the massive damage to the New York economy and the large exit of people from the state, Cuomo said “We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass. The cost is too high. We will have nothing left to open. We must reopen the economy…”

But Governor, YOU are the one that closed the economy.

However, I’m sure that New Yorkers are glad Cuomo is finally realizing that you must balance the cost of your actions against the benefits. Unfortunately, it’s so far overdue that it may take a generation for New York to recover fiscally and economically.

Drain the Swamp?

President Donald Trump, in one of his final acts of office, released current and former members of his administration from the terms of their ethics pledge, which included a five-year ban on lobbying their former agencies.

The ethics pledge was outlined in one of Trump’s first executive orders, signed on Jan. 28, 2017, as part of his campaign pledge to “drain the swamp.” It required Trump’s political appointees to agree to the lobbying ban, as well as pledge not to undertake work that would require them to register as a “foreign agent” after leaving government. Trump’s order authorized the attorney general to investigate any breaches of the ethics pledge and to pursue civil suits if necessary.

But Trump changed his mind and decided he didn’t care if his staff left government and immediately became paid lobbyists, after all.

Fashion Played a Big Role?

Robin Meade of CNN did a segment on how “fashion played a big role” at the inauguration, highlighting the ‘fashion statements’ made by Vice President Harris and former First Ladies Obama and Clinton.

So, which is it Ms. Meade? Should women be judged on their clothing or on their abilities?  Either quit criticizing others who comment on a female politician’s wardrobe and how she looks, or quit doing it yourself.  Choose one.

One thought on “Flip Flopping Quick Takes”

  1. At some level we are all hypocrites, but at the public level and to this extent is ridiculous. Thanks for pointing it out.


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