New York AG Corrects Cuomo’s Fudged Covid Numbers

New York Democratic Attorney General Letitia James released a report yesterday showing that the death totals for nursing homes in New York was 43% higher than Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Administration had been reporting.

Cuomo has somehow become a media darling and even released a book patting himself on the back for his pandemic response, despite the fact that New York is worse in almost every category–deaths, infection rates, etc.-than most every state in the Union. Yet within the state, the Democratic leader in the New York Senate and other Democratic leaders have been calling for an accurate accounting for months. The report, from a fellow Democrat, shows that Cuomo’s policy for nursing homes was disastrous and resulted in almost 4000 more deaths than Cuomo was reporting.

You may recall that, early on, Cuomo sent covid patients back to nursing homes and at one point, even issued rules that refused to allow nursing homes to test returning residents for covid. (Cuomo later reversed that policy after it proved deadly, as he has several others.)

Health statistics show that New York has been the worst state in responding to the pandemic and, unfortunately, the handling of public health has been the height of incompetence. Even now, with the rollout of the vaccine, New York has actually administered less than half of the vaccines that it has one hand. One can’t help but notice the power of the media to deceive and promote an agenda, even in such obvious cases. The media even awarded Cuomo a special Pulitzer Prize, normally only given to journalists, supposedly for his exemplary handling of public health information. Unfortunately for his constituents, the virus doesn’t read headlines

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