Weekend Quick Takes

Vaccines for GITMO

On Friday, the Dept. of Defense confirmed that detainees at Guantanamo Bay would get vaccinations as soon as this week, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who is accused of planning the 9/11 attacks, according to spokesman Michael Howard. 

Despite problems with vaccine rollout and the fact that most high risk populations have not yet been able to get the vaccine, the Biden Administration somehow thought that making terrorist prisoners a higher priority was a good idea.

After apparently sobering up, the Administration announced today that they were putting a ‘pause’ on the decision to vaccinate the prisoners until they had time to review the issue further.

Trumps Legal Team Quits

For the second time in the last 60 days, Donald Trump’s legal team has quit.

Trump’s trial on impeachment charges begins a week from tomorrow, and over the weekend came word that his legal team quit because they could not work with the bizarre defense that he wanted to mount. According to reports, Trump is insisting that his defense be that the election was stolen, which of course has nothing to do with the actual charges brought against him. Unless, of course, his defense is that if the election is stolen that justifies anything he wants to do, including incite a riot.

After working to prepare his defense, the legal team finally quit in exasperation. Working to spin it, Trump released a comment that they were still working to finalize his legal staff for the trial.  Yeah, one week before it begins.

But it’s ok. The incredibly sane and competent Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell will always be available to their normal stellar legal advice.

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