Weekend Quick Takes

News from the previous week and the Super Bowl, including items from the election fraud controversy and a Hall of Fame tennis great on transgender athletes.

Election Fraud By Trump Lawyer?

Lin Wood, the Trump aligned lawyer who was among the most outspoken in pressing claims of election fraud and overtly encouraging violence against Republicans that did not agree, is under investigation himself. Why?  For potential election fraud. It turns out that Wood voted in Georgia after he had sent a personal email talking about his residence in South Carolina.

Sen. Josh Hawley to Examine Super Bowl ‘Fraud’?

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) was the first US Senator to come out and formerly challenge the results of the presidential election and the Electoral College vote because of claims of voter fraud.

Yesterday morning, Hawley tweeted out his hopes for a Super Bowl victory by the Kansas City Chiefs. Given that the Chiefs lost, one can’t help but wonder if he is going to try to challenge the results.

Rep. Matt Gaetz Attacks Free Speech Among Republicans

Fringe Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL) was upset that any Republican would criticize Donald Trump and said he would work to silence them. One of those was Liz Cheney (R-WY), daughter of Dick Cheney who served in Congress and in the administration of four Presidents. She was outspoken in criticizing Trump for his role in the riots of Jan. 6 and telling the rioters “We love you”.

Gaetz traveled to Cheney’s home state to try to find someone to run against her, and also asked the Republican caucus to remove her from her leadership position. Gaetz said in an interview that he was sure that she would be removed. Oops—when the caucus met, Cheney was not only unapologetic for her criticism of Trump but overwhelmingly won the vote to retain her position in leading Republicans in Congress. Upset at what was happening, Gaetz left the meaning early (with egg on his face).

Martina Navratilova On Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports

Former tennis great Martina Navratilova has joined the Women’s Sports Policy Group. The group – which includes former Olympic swimmer Donna de Varona and Donna Lopiano, the former head of the Women’s Sports Foundation – came out against President Biden’s order on including any transgender athlete in women’s/girls’ sports. It launched an initiative this week to promote “ethical, science-based approach to address” the issue.

The group has suggested that the inclusion of transgender athletes in competitive sport settings should be based on their physical status and whether they have gone through male puberty.

Navratilova, who is a lesbian and describes herself as an advocate for LGBT rights, says that “In sport, however, advocating for women’s rights means talking sex and sex-linked biology. The performance gap between male athletes and female athletes emerges from the onset of male puberty, and from that point forward even second-tier males can beat the very best females.”

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