Quick Takes

A wide spectrum of items in the news, from the national anthem to climate change to…well, read them all.

Because the Last Thing We Want to Promote Is A Love of Country

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has announced that the team will no longer play the national anthem at Mavericks’ home games.

Now THAT Is Some Kind of Climate Change

Venus has a surface temperature of 840 degrees

According to Richard Ernst at Carleton University, who heads a team working at his university and also one in Russia, recent climate modeling suggests that Venus once likely had an Earth-like climate. According to the claim, for much of its history Venus had temperatures similar to present day Earth. It likely also had oceans, rain, and perhaps snow. According to Ernst, all of that changed when Venus went through a cascading climate change event that took it from Earth-like temperatures to the uninhabitable place it is today.

You know, call me crazy but I have always sort of figured that Venus was hotter, and always has been hotter, primarily because it’s about 41 million miles closer to the sun than we are.

Carbon Emissions Down But Weather Warmer

A government study recently said that temperatures in 2020 were warmer than the previous year. This despite the fact that carbon emissions worldwide were down dramatically in 2020 due to the pandemic and the resulting lockdowns and people working from home, etc..

Harris Forgets There Are Vaccines?

In a statement yesterday, Vice President Kamala Harris said she disagreed with a recent comment by Dr. Anthony Fauci and said that the Biden Administration was “starting from zero” in dealing with the coronavirus.

Well, except for the fact that there are two vaccines and a third has been submitted for government approval. Yeah, other than that, you don’t have much to combat the virus.

Sen. Ron Johnson Questions Capitol Violence

When interviewed recently about events at the US Capitol on Jan. 6, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) questioned whether there was really an armed insurrection. Senator, weren’t you there and didn’t the Capitol police help evacuate you to safety? Or was the evacuation just a break so that everyone could grab lunch?

The Racism of New York City Public Schools

New York City schools have not had in person classes in some time. So periodically, teachers and principals reach out to parents to communicate on special items.

Recently, a public school principal sent home materials to white parents describing the various levels of ‘whiteness’. As you might guess from the context, in describing the 8 levels of whiteness the presumption was that being white was inherently bad and racist. The principal went further and encouraged the white parents to aspire to achieve the level entitled ‘white traitor’, where you would be so ashamed of your race and the inherent injustice of simply being white that you would then, and only then, be a valuable member of society.

How far have we fallen from the progress we had been making, when public schools are teaching you that you should be ashamed of your race.  And are using taxpayer money to do it?

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