The Revenge Tour

With his second impeachment trial now over, Donald Trump is reportedly planning a speaking tour to get revenge on those who spoke against him.

The interesting note is that, if the rumors are true, the speaking tour is not targeted at Democrats and won’t be held in Democratic districts but is targeted at Republicans who spoke against his actions since the election. We can be fairly sure that the rumors are true since he has already said he is going to help find primary opponents for a number of current Republican officeholders, and he has already sent Donnie Jr. to start rallying against those that would dare to speak against him.

So what does that tell us? Actions are indicative of the person, so stop and ponder what Trump’s plans can tell us about the person.

The logical conclusion is that Trump’s primary concern is not about fighting for a set of political principle, nor about helping conservatives or his party regain the congressional majorities that they lost. Otherwise he would be targeting marginal Democratic districts. No, if the rumors are true, he is targeting members of Congress who voted with him a majority of the time. Think about that a moment. He is targeting people who agreed with him more times than not. So there can be no other logical conclusion except that Trump is lashing out because his primary concern is personal. He is not fighting for political principle or conservative ideas nor to advance a cause but he is mad because of a personal insult that someone in his party dared to oppose him.

Ronald Reagan was famous for his oft-spoken ‘11th Commandment’ that you don’t attack a member of your own party in public. Reagan advanced conservatism by building up others who had similar ideas, even if they did not agree on every single issue. By doing so, the Republican Party grew at every level and Reagan changed the tone of the national political debate for decades. Trump is not Reagan, and his actions show where his priorities are…and always have been.

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