The Danger Of Puppets And Plastic Vegetables

The Week When The Politically Correct ‘Woke’ Crowd ‘Saved’ US Culture

Disney has decided that Kermit and the gang are offensive and has restricted the Muppets to only adult accounts on its networks and services. In a statement Disney said “we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future…” So, the Muppets are no longer allowed to be shown on Disney outlets registered to children.

But the ‘Woke’ culture was not done. On Thursday Hasbro, the manufacturer of a plastic potato, announced that after 70 years the toy will no longer be called “Mr. Potato Head” The company said it would be rebranding the iconic toy to break away from traditional views of gender and family structures — it had previously celebrated the wedding and subsequent anniversaries of “Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head,” and it sold boxed sets of the couple and their offspring, “Spud” and “Yam.”  Hasbro has apparently decided that the use of “Mr.” is sexist and that the traditional family, with mother and father and children, is a bad thing.

This week will go down as an important one in the evolution of American culture, at least to the ‘Woke’ left. Because nothing says ‘offensive’ like furry puppets, or promotes violence like a puppet pig hitting a furry frog, and nothing screams sexism like a plastic potato.

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