Fellow Democrats Go After New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Months ago, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was the darling of the media, despite the fact that objective measures showed that New York was the worst state in the nation for its handling of the pandemic:  more deaths than any other state, highest death rate in the nation, more cases and deaths per capita than all but one other state, etc.. Yet somehow the national media fawned over Cuomo, and even created a special award for him that was awarded last fall, clearly putting appearance over substance and image over actual health data and science.

CNN, where his brother has a nightly opinion show, even removed its ethical ban forbidding hosts from having immediate family members as guests so that Gov. Cuomo could appear on his brother’s show.

All that has changed and the actual health data seems to be catching up.

Cuomo has been called out for deliberately publishing misleading numbers about deaths in nursing homes and other aspects of his handling of the health crisis. Yet, it is not Republicans that are at the forefront of the criticisms. Democratic New York Attorney General Letitia James published findings of an investigation that found that Cuomo had falsified information about nursing home deaths, after Cuomo had ordered residents who had been hospitalized with the virus back to their nursing home and put other residents at risk.

As more information comes out, and the extent to which the information the Cuomo Administration shared about the pandemic was tied to politics more than transparent, New York Democratic lawmakers are calling for accountability. More than one New York Senate Democrat has suggested Cuomo should be impeached for his cover-up.

How has Cuomo responded?  By saying it is all fake news. At a recent press conference, rather than issue any sort of apology, Cuomo said he did not “aggressively enough take on the misinformation that has caused people pain.” 

Even CNN has done an about face and reinstituted the ban on Cuomo’s brother from featuring him on his nightly show and CNN personality Brian Stelter last week said Cuomo was ‘Trumpian” for bashing the media when his lies are uncovered. That’s quite a statement coming from CNN.

The data and health science has been clear for months:  Gov. Cuomo has handled the pandemic at a level of incompetence far above anyone else in the country. Cuomo himself has backtracked and changed several of his own decisions, further showing he was driven by politics rather than health and safety concerns.

At a minimum, Andrew Cuomo has done more to harm the health of people in the country than anyone else. That can be objectively seen in the data. The fact that only months ago he was the darling of the national media speaks to the credibility and intelligence of both Cuomo and much of the media.

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