Ban Basketball?

For college basketball fans, March Madness is always a time of bracketology and Cinderella stories. One of the Cinderella stories this year has been Oral Roberts who is a #15 seed from a minor conference who made it to the Sweet 16.

This year, the politically correct ‘woke’ culture has decided that’s not such a fun story. Prior to the Sweet 16 games this past weekend, radical leftist groups called for the NCAA to make Oral Roberts forfeit the rest of its games. Because of some rule violation, or an ineligible player? No, it seems that the religious school does not believe in same sex marriage. And so in the intolerance of the ‘ban everything I disagree with’ mentality of modern radicalism, Oral Roberts basketball team should be forbidden to play in the NCAA because of the religious beliefs of the school.

What Does This Week Tell Us About Biden’s Governing Philosophy?

During the election, there was a good deal of debate about how Joe Biden would govern. Throughout his career, he had been a fairly moderate Democrat. As a Democrat, that meant that he leaned liberal but he also had never been on the left wing of the Party and worked in a bi-partisan way on many issues. Yet, many argued that the Democratic Party had become controlled by the extreme liberal wing, and his choice of Vice President, Kamala Harris, the second most liberal US Senator, seemed to give credence to the notion that Biden would become much more liberal as President than his previous record might indicate.

Biden seemed to go a long way toward answering that question this week.

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When Racism Becomes A Cliché, We All Lose

After a year of arguably the most restrictive lockdowns in the nation, Los Angeles County has said that it will beginning trying to allow schools to resume in person classes in the near future.

The teachers union, United Teachers of Los Angeles, is strongly opposed, and the union’s president Cecily Myart-Cruz calls the move for in person learning “structural racism”. I am not quite able to understand how getting children back to schools is racist. But I CAN understand how not letting them back in schools could be implicitly racist.

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Have We Entered Bizarro World?

Some things just seem like they should not be that hard and a simple pause to think would solve so many issues.

This past week seems like we may be entering a bizarre place where the simple things seem so hard for some of us. From pop culture, to the politics of Biden and Trump and the morality of stealing muffins, it seems some people just struggle to get it right.

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The Prophet Billy Joel?

A hit song released several years ago by Billy Joel may have been eerily prophetic. Did he know something we didn’t?

In his song “Miami 2017”, Joel sang…

“I saw the lights go out on Broadway. It seems so many years ago, before we all lived here in Florida.  Before the Mafia took over Mexico. There are not many who remember. They say a handful still survive…to tell the world about, the way the lights went out and to keep the memory alive.”

As people leave New York in droves, one cannot help but wonder if there was something we should have listened to more closely.

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After The Election, Trump Campaign Still Has $75 M On Hand

At the end of last month, Donald Trump’s campaign had roughly $75 million on hand. How could a national candidate and titular head of a major party lose a very close election but have that much money unspent?

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