Puppets, Plastic Vegetables and Whoville

Warning: the following contains potentially offensive language and/or subject matter. Read at your own risk as we do not have counselors available if you should be triggered.

In the past week we found out that furry puppets and plastic potatoes were offensive and dangerous. Yet, that’s not all we need to be worried about, according to the ‘Woke’ left faction.

March 2 is “Read Across American Day”, a day celebrated for the last 20 years to encourage reading among children and timed to coincide with the birthday of Dr. Seuss. But a liberal group called “Learning for Justice” is demanding Dr. Seuss‘ books be stripped from school libraries because of their “racial undertones.”

So are the Who’s in Whoville too white?  Are they racist? Do Who’s even have different races? Did I miss something?

Apparently so. According to “Learning for Justice”, they examined the Dr. Seuss collection from the 1950’s and early 1960’s and found that Dr. Seuss exhibited “orientalism, anti-Blackness, and White supremacy.” Wow, I was surprised because I had never actually seen a picture of Dr. Seuss in a white cape and hood. 

But that’s not all. The group says that too many of the non-White characters are male and they found only about 2% of the human characters were people of color and too many of those reinforced bad stereotypes.

At least some educators agree. For example, the school district in Loudon County, Virginia has told its teachers to “avoid connecting Read Across American with Dr. Seuss” because he is such a terrible person that we shouldn’t even let people know that he promoted child literacy.

So for all of you parents out there, remember the lessons from this week, as shared with us by the enlightened ‘Woke’ among us: 1) do not let your children watch the Muppets, 2) Mr. Potato Head is sexist and the traditional plastic potato family of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and their two children is a bad example for society and 3? Dr. Seuss can only teach bad things to children. 

In summary, no furry puppets, be careful of plastic potatoes and don’t read Dr. Seuss or watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas…and just to be safe, don’t even mention Dr. Seuss.  He was a very bad man, apparently.

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