Have We Entered Bizarro World?

Some things just seem like they should not be that hard and a simple pause to think would solve so many issues.

This past week seems like we may be entering a bizarre place where the simple things seem so hard for some of us. From pop culture, to the politics of Biden and Trump and the morality of stealing muffins, it seems some people just struggle to get it right.

  • It is an interesting commentary on society when Cardi B’s song “Wet Ass Pussy” is named song of the year but Dr. Seuss and the Muppets are ‘offensive’ and require warning labels.
  • On a related note, this author saw where one of the all-knowing Facebook fact checkers blocked a post that had said certain works of Dr. Seuss had been cancelled. The explanation given for labeling that as false was…wait for it…that those works of Dr. Seuss were not cancelled but had simply been withdrawn from publication.  I am not sure the difference but in the mind of some intellectual genius at Big Tech, there must be one.
  • Jacob Chansley, the Capitol rioter who refers to himself as the ”QAnon Shaman” was interviewed in a network 60 Minutes broadcast Thursday. He said that he was being treated unfairly because, among other things, he stopped people from stealing. “I actually stopped somebody from stealing muffins out of the break room.” Well there you have it. He is a good guy and all should be forgiven because he didn’t take a muffin.
  • It’s a reflection of priorities when it seems President Biden has taken more action in his first 45 days in office to open borders than he has to open schools.
  • On Thursday, Donald Trump launched a tantrum targeting long-time Republican campaign consultant Karl Rove (who ran George W. Bush’s Presidential campaigns), calling him “a RINO (Republican In Name Only) of the highest order.” On Friday, Trump’s lawyers sent a ‘cease and desist’ letter to the Republican Party telling them to quit using his name in any fundraising or other correspondence.  Trump apparently did not see the irony.

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