What Does This Week Tell Us About Biden’s Governing Philosophy?

During the election, there was a good deal of debate about how Joe Biden would govern. Throughout his career, he had been a fairly moderate Democrat. As a Democrat, that meant that he leaned liberal but he also had never been on the left wing of the Party and worked in a bi-partisan way on many issues. Yet, many argued that the Democratic Party had become controlled by the extreme liberal wing, and his choice of Vice President, Kamala Harris, the second most liberal US Senator, seemed to give credence to the notion that Biden would become much more liberal as President than his previous record might indicate.

Biden seemed to go a long way toward answering that question this week.

On Spending

President Biden announced a new spending plan today, proposing $2.3 trillion in new spending on infrastructure, climate change and social justice. Prior to the pandemic, the largest spending bill in the country’s history was President Obama’s ‘American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’ which totaled just under $1 trillion. Biden’s will be more than double that.

Of course, the new spending is on top of Biden’s $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill passed in February (roughly a third of which had nothing to do with the pandemic, depending on how you calculated it). That, of course, was on top of the $2.3 trillion pandemic relief bill that was passed in December.

In his first seventy-five days in office, President Biden has proposed more new spending than any President in history, with correspondingly larger deficits than any President in history.

On Taxes

As late as January, President Biden was saying that he would not raise taxes except for income taxes on those making more than $400,000. Today, President Biden announced four tax increases, on individuals and businesses and a new ‘death tax’ on estates. Despite these tax increases, even according to the Biden Administration, they still will not pay for the new spending.

Mark it down: interest rates will rise, and inflation.

On Illegal Immigration

Despite a very predictable rise in illegal immigration on the US southern border that has strained resources and has the government ignoring its own covid rules, President Biden has yet to formally nominate a head of the Border Patrol or someone to head ICE.

He did, however, have signs posted along the border not to tell people it was illegal to cross the border without authorization but to give directions to where illegal immigrants could turn themselves in.  Really. That is apparently a key part of the President’s immigration policy.

Just a look at this last week of March shows that President Biden has taken a hard left turn on the economy and fiscal responsibility. His seeming refusal to take any action about immigration, even not yet nominating people to head the responsible government agencies, indicates that he has taken a position close to that of his leftist Vice President, who is against almost every measure that restricts unlimited immigration and funding for the agencies that enforce those laws.

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