Georgia And Election Law

Election laws in the United States are determined by the states and always have been since that requirement is part of the US Constitution.

Georgia recently passed a law to limit potential election fraud, including provisions to put tighter limits on mail-in voting and to require photo identification.

The reaction in certain quarters has been apoplectic. It’s actually been quite astonishing. According to some, the law has been nothing short of trying to roll back civil rights and, at a minimum, aimed at voter suppression.  In those same quarters, of course, there is nothing that has been said about election integrity.

And aside from the usual politics and media self-righteousness, several corporations have expressed their displeasure.  The CEO of Delta Airlines, for example, released a statement saying the law “does not reflect the values” of Delta. In response, GA Gov. Brian Kemp asked why it was, then, that the last time he flew on Delta he was required to show a photo ID, if showing a photo ID to vote is against their corporate values. Of course, there was no response from the Delta head.

Major League Baseball has gone so far as to move the All-Star game for this year out of Atlanta because of their outrage at such things as voter ID. Yet, they require a photo ID to buy beer at their games. The logic is….well, non-existent. And more, in the case of Major League Baseball, they hold exhibition games in Cuba and hold parts of training camps in China where the government has forced hundreds of thousands of minority Uighurs into forced labor camps and where, just this week, China took away the rights of anyone in Hong Kong to run for office who wasn’t approved by the government. So, Commissioner Rob Manfred is saying Georgia is more oppressive than Cuba and China.

President Biden called for a boycott of the state. Think about that for a minute. The President of the United States called for everyone else in the country to boycott a state in the United States. Supposedly, the President is President of the whole country. Yet he has urged everyone else to have nothing to do with the state of Georgia. That is quite a statement, possibly something unheard of in American history.

In addition to the lack of consistency in the ‘outrage’ over Georgia’s voting laws, there is no comment on combating potential election fraud. Though, to be clear, no one proved widespread fraud in Georgia in the November election, we do know  that a mail-in municipal election in New Jersey earlier in 2020 resulted in 19 percent of the ballots being thrown out—roughly one in every five, because election officials were not able to ensure ballot integrity. In the Utah primary election last year there were also widespread concerns about mail-in ballots.  So clearly mail-in balloting is more susceptible to fraud than in-person balloting and so tightening rules to ensure election integrity is not unreasonable.  And the arguments of people and organizations such as Delta Airlines and Major League Baseball against requiring a photo ID to vote, while those same organizations require a photo ID for much less important things, are just silly and hypocritical, at the least.

Yet this is the way of the liberal cancel culture these days. It is not enough to disagree, but you must demonize anyone who disagrees. You must boycott, or cancel or try to silence those you disagree with rather than actually making an argument and persuading voters in the court of public opinion.  At the root of the broader issue, that desire to impose a political view aside from anything done through representative democracy is the real issue.

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