The Intellectual Dishonesty of Rob Manfred and MLB

There has been much controversy about an election law recently passed in the state of Georgia. The law’s provisions include such things as a requirement for a photo ID to vote in person, tightening validation provisions around mail-in ballots, and a provision that most of us would not think of but which forbids passing out food and drinks to people standing in line to vote.

Liberal politicians have screamed charges of racism and voter suppression. Corporations such as Delta Airlines have joined in and Rob Manfred, Commissioner of Major League Baseball (MLB) announced that they are moving this year’s All-Star game out of Atlanta because of the outrage. Yesterday, Manfred announced that the game would be held in Denver, presumably because Colorado was much less ‘racist’ than Georgia in how it handled election. Yet, the actual reality is quite interesting, as is the intellectual integrity of Manfred and MLB.

Rob Manfred was very quick in announcing that MLB was moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta after the new law in Georgia was passed. He was vocal in his opinion that the law was an infringement on civil rights.

The game will now be held in Denver, Colorado where supposedly the voting laws are not racist and not designed to suppress legitimate voting. But, wait…that is actually pretty odd.  If we look at the voting laws, Colorado:

  • requires a photo ID to vote in person, just like Georgia’s law
  • requires signature validation and similar voter integrity measures for mail-in ballots, just like Georgia’s law
  • forbids giving food, drink or anything else to voters standing in line to vote, just like Georgia’s law

AND, as a significant aside, Rob Manfred pulled the All-Star game from Atlanta, where over half the residents and local businesses are black, and moved it to Denver where less than ten percent of the residents are black.

So the bottom line is that voter laws in Colorado are pretty similar to the ‘racist’ voter law in Georgia. Money spent at a game in Atlanta will help far more minority businesses and individuals than a game in Denver. That presents the obvious question to Manfred:  why did you move the game from Atlanta to Denver? The clear reality is that it had nothing to do with the difference in the primary provisions of the voting laws in the two states. Another reality is that much less money is going to minorities by moving the game to Denver (or at least African-Americans). So why was the game moved?

The logic is confusing, and even more so when you add the fact that Manfred pushed to hold MLB exhibition games in Cuba. He also pushed to hold part of training camps in China.

Whatever the real reason for pulling the All-Star game from Atlanta, Rob Manfred is intellectually dishonest when he says it was because of voter suppression. He is trying to fool the public, if not himself, as well.

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