Midweek Quick Takes

Immigration, voter ID laws and trees…all in the midweek edition of quick takes.

Illegal Immigration

The government reported that roughly 18,000 unaccompanied children crossed the southern border and were taken into custody last month, with the total of 170,000 people taken into custody for illegally crossing the border.  That equates to over 2,000,000 people a year.

To put that into perspective, 2,000,000 people illegally entering the country is more than the total population of whole cities such as Baltimore, Miami, Boston, Atlanta and San Diego.

Voter ID Laws

A traditional argument against voter ID laws is that some people may not have a driver’s license and may have a hard time getting a government issued photo ID card, even over the course of two years which is the normal time between elections, and so these laws deliberately disenfranchise the poor and minorities.

Testing the validity of that oft-repeated argument, South Carolina passed a voter ID law in 2011 but included a provision that said the government would transport anyone to the DMV who needed help getting a government issued photo ID. Out of the approximately 5 million people living in South Carolina, exactly 25 asked for help getting a photo ID.

So can we finally get rid of the ‘people can’t get a photo ID’ argument? Intuitively, it has always been a questionable argument and now we have actual data to prove it.

Trees Are Offensive to the ‘Woke’ / Radical Left Crowd

In the latest in the news of the weird out of Portland comes a ban on a school’s mascot.

That is not really news these days, but in this case the mascot in question is an evergreen tree. Yes, a tree.

The head of the school board in Portland, Michelle DePass, has said that trees remind people of lynching, and so trees should never be a mascot.

Say What?

And now for something totally different comes a story out of Great Britain

Prince Phillip, age 99, died a few days ago and the BBC had extensive coverage of his death and long life. A number of people complained about the coverage, many saying that too much time was spent on the story, and also 116 people that contacted the network over the weekend to complain that it was too easy to complain.

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