Trump On 2022…Or On 2020

Last weekend, the Republican Party held a series of meetings for Party activists and major donors. Former President Trump was scheduled to be a highlighted speaker on the last day of the retreat. Rather than go to where the meeting was being held, Trump said that if he was going to participate that the session had to be held at his Mar al-Lago resort and that the charge would be $100,000.

The retreat was designed to rally donors and activists for the 2022 election cycle. Republicans need to pick up only five House seats and one seat Senate seat to take control of those bodies. Given that midterm elections generally go against the party that holds the presidency, Republicans believe there is a real opportunity.

Trump was to use his speech to talk about his vision for the future and laying out how Republicans could win and take back the House and Senate, which they controlled at the beginning of Trump’s presidency but lost during his administration. Well, you would be wrong if you thought he would share a vision of the future. Trump spent his speech attacking people he doesn’t like.  Well, actually he spent the speech talking about only fellow Republicans he doesn’t like. He called Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, who guided many of Trump’s initiatives in the last four years through a closely divided Senate, a “dumb son of a bitch” and a “stone cold loser” (Which is confusing since McConnell won his election in 2020 and Trump did not, but that is another story). Trump then lashed out at his own chosen Vice President, Mike Pence, and a list of other Republicans.

Later in the week, Trump was quoted taking shots at other Republicans, including Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Rep. Liz Cheney who not only is one of the most conservative members of Congress but also happens to be the daughter of longtime conservative figure Dick Cheney, who had previously had served in Congress and also in several Republican administrations. Trump said that he would back someone to oppose Murkowski and Cheney in the next elections, further promoting a split in his own party.

Being a bit older than some, Thinking Man looks back to Ronald Reagan, from whom Trump took the campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”. Yet Donald Trump does not agree with Reagan, and as he said during the National Day of Prayer when he followed a pastor who said that Christians are told to love their enemies, Trump started by saying “I don’t agree.” Donald Trump does not care about principle or party. He cares about himself and, as a child does, lashes out with personal insults at anyone who disagrees with him in even the smallest way.

Thinking Man has always believed in certain principles and core beliefs, and so is confused by cults of personality, where people blindly follow a person regardless of any principle. Donald Trump is not interested in promoting principles or policies and is willing to sacrifice those if someone has done anything to disagree with him, even if some of those people are individuals he personally hired to work for him. Since the election in November, just as this past week, he has spent more time attacking conservative Republicans than he has liberal Democrats. The only thing that will do is to make sure liberal Democrats win elections, just as happened in both Georgia Senate elections in January when Democrats defeated two incumbent Republicans. Reagan’s legacy is that conservatism grew during his presidency and long after he left office because he spent his time promoting conservative principles and others who did the same.

It’s time conservatives decide that conservatism is more important than any individual and move on from any former President who spends more time trying to get even and whining than he does working for the greater good.

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