Weekend Quick Takes

News items of the week that you may not have noticed…and will probably make you shake your head.

New York Raises Taxes So It Can Give Money Away

New York State just set up a fund to give one time payments of over $15,000 to illegal immigrants. This comes weeks after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed tax increases because of the state’s large budget shortfall.

In the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, New York is raising taxes, in part, to give illegal aliens cash.  

The Ongoing Effort by the UN To Prove You Can Always Do Even More Crazy Things

The United Nations (UN) just elected Iran to a commission on women’s rights. In Iran:

  • women must have their husband’s permission to work or to travel outside of the country,
  • husbands have legal authority over their wives,
  • girls can be married off in arranged marriages as young as 13,
  • and domestic abuse is not against the law.

Tell me again why the United States funds the UN?

Fight Global Warming and Become Vegan?

President Biden has said his plan for addressing global warming and climate change is for the United States to reduce the release of emissions by half by the year 2030.

Among the other implications of that effort, the Univ. of Michigan’s Center for Sustainable Systems has said that to reach President Biden’s climate and global warming goals by 2030, the US residents will need to reduce their consumption of red meat by 90%. To understand that concept, that means the equivalent of a small burger once a month is all the meat you will get to eat.

I guess I need to eat up now. Seems like a a bacon topped steak, medium rare is on the menu for lunch.

Trump’s Ongoing Fight Against Republicans

Former President Trump is reviving his feud with Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) over an election audit in the state.

In statements Friday and Saturday, Trump berated Ducey for not giving enough to support to recount efforts in the state.  Trump, who apparently does not realize that he no longer lives in the White House and that the election is decided, continues to claim that Republicans such as Ducey, the Republican Governor of Georgia, the Republican controlled legislatures of Michigan and Wisconsin all joined and are part of the Democratic conspiracy to steal the election from him.

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