Socialists Don’t Really Believe What They Say

A socialist is someone who believes, in its simplest form, in redistribution of wealth and income from those who have and make the most to those to have and make the least. That belief generally is without considering why people make more or less than other people, and follows the writing of Karl Marx:  “From each according to their ability. To each according to their need”, meaning people will work as hard as they can to get rewards (money) and then it will go to those in the most need.

However, socialists and Marxist do not really mean what they say when they talk about wealth and income redistribution. How do we know?

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Biden’s Economic Plans Have Little To Do With Economic Recovery

In his first three months in office, Biden has proposed more spending than any other President in history in the same term of office. That money has to come from somewhere.

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Michigan Gov. Whitmer Violates Own Order, Again

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer apologized yesterday after a photo surfaced of her violating her own indoor dining order. The picture showed Whitmer with at least twelve others sitting together without being socially distanced, which violated Whitmer’s order of no more than six people dining together indoors.

Whitmer apologized, saying “I am human” and just made a mistake. That is true and could happen to most of us, as we all do things without thinking sometime.

Yet with Whitmer it doesn’t quite ring true. Besides the fact that you would think that a person would not forget their own order, this is not the first time that Whitmer’s hypocrisy has come to light. Last year about this time, Whitmer had issued orders to lock down her state and held a press conference at which she even suggested people should not travel at all outside of their immediate area. At roughly the same time, her husband was on the phone with a marina several hours drive away, asking them to have their boat ready because they were going to drive up for the Memorial Day holiday to do some boating.

Objective people can understand true differences of opinion on measures related to battling the pandemic, and only mindless robots on the extremes of the issue can’t understand legitimate concerns of an opposite perspective. Whitmer, however, is an exception. As contentious as pandemic restrictions have been and as ardent and ‘in your face’ as she has been in her position (as have her opponents), it’s hard to imagine that she keeps “forgetting”. More likely it’s that the caricature of the power hungry government executive fits, in her case.

Whitmer clearly believes that the laws that she initiates only applies to others but not to her or her family and friends. Pandemic restrictions, to her, are about control not about health. Otherwise, she would not make a habit of breaking her own rules.

You Can’t Fix Stupid

As a general rule, one of the hallmarks of Thinking Man’s Politics is that we refrain from name-calling. Aside from being childish, there is no need to degrade someone who disagrees. People can disagree but simply because they disagree does not mean they are bad people or have evil intentions, just a different opinion on how to get what are often common goals.

We make an exception in the case of Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA), who may be the dumbest of those who hold national office in the US, which is saying something.

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Hamas and Israel Conflict Gets Hot

Hostilities between Israel and the declared terrorist group Hamas broke out into armed conflict this week. After years of relative calm between Israel and its neighbors, the intense artillery and air strikes have gone on for almost a full week and show no signs of slowing.

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