(Hypocritical) Quick Takes

In this weekend’s edition of quick takes, we take a look at stories in the news that show how consistency and intellectual integrity seem to be in short supply (which is a nicer way of saying that hypocrisy is plentiful).

So, Tell Us Again When Travel Bans Are Racist And When They Aren’t?

President Biden announced a travel ban on travel from India as a result of the serious outbreak of new cases of the covid virus.  Oddly, the media—who excoriated then President Trump as a racist xenophobe when, early in the pandemic, he banned travel from China—has been totally silent on Biden’s ban from the Muslim-majority country of India.

Racial Equality Through Segregation

Madison, WI public schools are bringing back segregation in some of their programs, all in the name of ending discrimination. No, really. Imagine how the civil rights leaders of the 1960’s would feel after fighting to end segregation, at the risk even of their lives.

On April 22, the Madison Metro School District set up virtual meetings with parents where they would discuss the outcome of the Derek Chauvin murder trial and other race and law enforcement issues (ex-police officer Chauvin was convicted of murder in the death of George Floyd). However, there was not one meeting for all parents of each school to discuss the issues. First, there were only meetings and Zoom links provided for parents who had children of color. Parents of white children, need not bother to try to attend. Then there were separate links provided for children of color who also had parents of color and then another link for white parents of children of color (or inter-racial parents).

We say the goal of for all of us to treat each other equally and see each other as human beings, but yet in Madison the tax dollars are being spent to say the exact opposite and to divide people into as many different groups as possible. And we wonder why things seem to be getting worse?

But You Can’t Do That-We Have A Law

If gun control laws can control gun violence, how do we explain the rampage in Los Angeles last week where a gunman opened fire downtown with no apparent reason or target, injuring several and killing two? California has the strictest gun laws in the country, so how could this happen?

Similarly, a few weeks ago a gunman shot several in Colorado. Colorado has gun laws that require background and mental health checks, gun registration and limit the size of magazines. Yet if those things are the answer, why are several people now dead from a mass shooting?

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