The Danger Of Cartoons And Fairy Tales

This year we have been able to address some of the critical issues facing the country. Disney has put a warning label on the Muppets because of ‘offensive content’ and restricted the Muppets to adult accounts on its streaming service, for example. And we were able to get Pepe Le Pew banned for sexual harassment.

Yet, there is much work left to be done and fortunately, we have the cartoon and fairy tale police on the job.  Disney Land in California has been especially hard hit because of lockdowns there over the last year. As they began to reopen, a ride featuring Snow White has come under fire because part of the ride shows a clip from the movie where Prince Charming kisses Snow White while she is asleep, and so therefore unable to give consent to being kissed.  (Of course, she would never come out of the coma unless Prince Charming did kiss her…oh, the tough choices we have)!

Yet, the woke/politically correct fairy tale police are slacking a bit. They have not yet even addressed the problem about her name: Sleeping Beauty. Who is to say she is a “beauty” and, after all, isn’t that body shaming? And it could ruin the self-esteem of all the other fairy tale characters.

With a world-wide pandemic, a struggling economy, Iran promising to build nuclear weapons and China threatening anyone within earshot, it’s good to know that at least we are making progress in eliminating the bad influences of cartoons, puppets and fairy tales.

And with all those bad children’s characters and influences gone, we can be proud that our rates of violent crime and sexual assaults have fallen since those terrible things were on TV and read as bedtime stories,   ….oh, um, wait….

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