News of the Weird: Just Can’t Quite Master the Video Conference

Ohio State Senator Andrew Brenner joined a scheduled video conference of the state’s controlling board, which makes adjustments to the state’s budget. By the end of the call, Brenner had become the latest example of the perils of video calls in this time of virtual meetings.

Brenner joined the call while sitting in a parked car. As the call went on, he excused himself and said he would be right back. He soon reappeared on the call, with his home office in the background, with pictures and hanging plants.

He might have fooled the group, which was live streamed to the public as part of Ohio’s open government laws, if it had not been for the seatbelt across his shoulder and his constant looking to the side as he apparently changed lanes.

And on the topic of ‘timing is everything’, all this came on the same day that a bill was introduced in the Ohio legislature to ban distracted driving and to explicitly outlaw texting, livestreaming, taking photos and the use of mobile apps while driving

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