Mid-Week Quick Takes

You just can’t put words around some of the wild items in the news from the first half of this week…

Mother’s Day Discriminates, And Not Against Fathers

Has our education system really failed that badly? In a series of bizarre comments celebrating this past Sunday, the day many of us celebrated as ‘Mother’s Day’, some decided that term was discriminatory and celebrated “Birthing People Day”. Politicians like Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) issued a statement decrying the lack of effective medical care for black birthing people.

And NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League, tweeted “When we talk about birthing people we are just being inclusive….Reproductive rights are for “every” body”

I am sad to see that freshman biology is no longer taught in schools.

Energy Secretary On Gas Shortage

In a press conference about the gas pipeline that has caused shortages of gas in several southern states, US Energy Secretary Elizabeth Granholm joked “If people had electric cars they wouldn’t have a problem.”

It sure sounds like she is taking the problem seriously.


British TV ran a story on ‘Stormy’, a 4-year old girl who says she ‘identifies’ as a boy.  A 4-year old, who still needs help tying shoes but has the capacity to decide what biology they should be?

Words just fail when I hear that there are people in the world that somehow think that is rational and sane.

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