Hamas and Israel Conflict Gets Hot

Hostilities between Israel and the declared terrorist group Hamas broke out into armed conflict this week. After years of relative calm between Israel and its neighbors, the intense artillery and air strikes have gone on for almost a full week and show no signs of slowing.

The armed exchange began when Hamas fired artillery at Tel Aviv, last Monday. Not at military targets but at cities and civilian population centers. Israel responded with air strikes, on the first day announcing that they were going to hit a building used by Hamas and warning people to get out an hour ahead of their strike.

Yet, it never ceases to amaze that some, such as the radical Rep. Ilhan Omar and other members of the socialist ‘Squad’ in Congress, blame Israel for the conflict. That defies all logic.

Hamas has fired over 2000 rockets and artillery shells since Monday with no sign of letup on the horizon. How does Hamas get an arsenal like that?! Unfortunately, we know the answer and it is that they get their weapons from Iran, who is the biggest threat to peace in the region because of their desire to export their radical brand of Islam. It is critical to work with Arab allies in the region to contain Iran and this is just one example of why.

It is common that enemies will test a new President and this is a key foreign policy test for the young Biden Administration. Biden has responded so far by sending an Assistant Deputy Secretary of State, a decidedly low-ranking official, to the region to try to spur talks. Unfortunately, it sends a message that the conflict is a low priority.  That, in turn, encourages Hamas and by extension Iran, because they have now found that President Biden will not react strongly to stop acts of terror that indiscriminately target civilians or to support Israel.

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