Mid-Week Quick Takes

From conflict in the Middle East to New York politics and more in this Wednesday’s edition of Quick Takes.

Hamas’ Priorities

Hamas and Israel have been exchanging fire for the last two weeks, and there is danger of an all-out war. Israel reopened the Erez Crossing from Israel into Gaza to allow humanitarian aid to flow into Gaza, a sign of good faith. Shortly thereafter a mortar round was fired from Gaza at the crossing, injuring an Israeli soldier.

Hamas militants must prefer trying to kill Israelis and Jews, over even helping their own civilians get food and medical supplies.

New York Governor Election

Andrew Giuliani, son of Rudy Giuliani, announced plans to run for Governor of New York. Let us hope that ‘crazy’ does not run in the family.

New York Governor

Reports came out this week that Gov. Andrew Cuomo had an estimated $5 million on his book about crisis leadership during a pandemic. That seemed to confirm PT Barnum’s adage about being able to fool people. Cuomo made millions on a book about how great he was, while at the same time his state had more deaths than any other state in the nation, including states that had higher population.

Man For The Working Class?

During a trip to Michigan, President Biden test drove the new all electric Ford F-150 Lightening. Biden went on to promote his agenda to do away with gas cars.  But campaigning as a man for the working class, Biden may have missed his mark this time.   The F-150, traditionally a symbol of the working class, in the all-electric version will sell for $70,000.

Jan. 6 Should Never Happen Again

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized the Republican House Leader, Kevin McCarthy, for saying he will oppose an independent investigation into the Capitol riots on Jan. 6.

The Jan. 6 riot was the first time since the War of 1812 that violence was used to attack our very seat of government, and our elected congressional representatives had to flee. In case memories have dulled, let’s remember that the mob killed a police officer, injured several others, chanted death threats toward the Vice President, and caused extensive damage.

To think that we have no need to know what happened, if any organized groups or planning was involved or to develop lessons learned to help prevent is appalling. In this case, Pelosi is right and McCarthy is not only acting in the interest of getting elected rather than what is good for the country, but his comments and actions border on the negligent.

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