You Can’t Fix Stupid

As a general rule, one of the hallmarks of Thinking Man’s Politics is that we refrain from name-calling. Aside from being childish, there is no need to degrade someone who disagrees. People can disagree but simply because they disagree does not mean they are bad people or have evil intentions, just a different opinion on how to get what are often common goals.

We make an exception in the case of Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA), who may be the dumbest of those who hold national office in the US, which is saying something.

Why make that exception? Well, Clyde has been quoted several times making ridiculous statements about the events of Jan. 6, claiming that there was no riot or violence and that the crowd that swarmed the Capitol was like a tourist group.

Of course that is ridiculous on its surface, but even more so when a reporter found this photo of Clyde (second from the top) moving furniture to try to barricade the doors of the House chamber to keep the ‘tourists’ out.

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