The Very Predictable Results Of Being Soft On Crime

he ‘Defund the Police’ movement has resulted in cuts to police budgets and a reduction in the number of police on the streets in several large US cities. Supporters argue they just want to move money to social services, so that problems with crime are addressed by social workers rather than police. So how is that working out? 

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Reparations For Slavery?

A handful of members of Congress, led by Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.), have introduced and are pressing for a vote on a bill that would pay reparations to black Americans for slavery.

That raises the question:  should we also require reparations from Japanese-Americans for Pearl Harbor? No?  Then you see how ridiculous that whole topic is.

On a broader scale, the very thought is so ridiculous that imposing mass punishment on a population for a crime or crimes committed by certain people is specifically prohibited by the Geneva Convention. Even agreed upon international law thinks the question is so obvious that it is outlawed across the globe.

Can We Still Compromise?

The current political environment in the United States is highly partisan, and bitterly so. Social media and gerrymandering to make safe Congressional districts for each party, has given rise to increasingly divided political parties, and an environment where politicians on both sides refuse to compromise at all. These days, even the smallest hint of compromise is attacked and it’s all or nothing.

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Those Who Don’t Learn From History…

When President Biden created a senior position in the State Dept. for John Kerry, former Secretary of State under President Obama, it was an indication that Biden’s foreign policy might look a lot like President Obama’s.  In the Middle East, that is concerning and recent comments from Sec. of State Blinken show we have not learned from history.

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Politics 2024: You Heard It Here First

For politicians, it seems like it is never too soon to start talking about the next election and even though the last presidential race was only a few months ago, ambitious politicians are already laying plans for the next one. So, why not be ridiculously early in handicapping some of the figures that could play a role in 2024? Just remember, you heard it here first.

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More Stories of China’s Abuse of Uyghur Minority

The link below shares the stories of three people who were part of the abuse and persecution of China’s Uyghur minority, reminding us of previous tragedies in history regarding systematic ethnic abuse. The story is shared in its entirety.

The growing outrage against Communist China is even more concerning when we see US companies excuse such ethnic cleansing because they are more concerned with profits.