Monday Quick Takes

The week starts with several major news items. Some of those you might have missed are in this edition of Quick Takes.

Hamas Arms Tunnel Found Under School

A Hamas tunnel for smuggling weapons was just found under a United Nations Relief and Welfare Agency school.  Hamas is literally using children and their schools to cover and protect their arms smuggling operations.

But yet there are some so blinded by their hatred of Israel, that somehow Israel has become the offender in their battles against Hamas. I guess that hatred so blinds people that even using children as human shields becomes tolerable.

Federal Government Spending

Biden’s $6 Trillion budget is larger than the combined gross domestic product of 30 states. Just think about that for a moment.

Retired General Calls for Coup

Retired Army Gen. Michael Flynn said last week that a military action like the coup in Myanmar “should happen here”. Flynn has since tried to downplay his comments and denies that he was advocating a coup, though he previously had said the military should declare martial law and restore Donald Trump to office.

Flynn’s comments, both recent and in the past, advocating military intervention to change the government of the country clearly amounts to treason and sedition. As a retired member of the military that is of concern but as a retired member of flag rank, he has a special responsibility and is also treated differently by virtue of his rank.

If this author were in charge, Congress would make a special case to remove any pension that he gets and would have him brought before a court martial to face the strictest possible charges.

SCOTUS Rules Illegal Aliens Cannot Get Permanent Status

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled on Monday that immigrants who entered the country illegally cannot apply for a green card to stay in the country permanently. In an opinion written by Obama appointee Elena Kagan, the Court ruled that the law does not allow anyone who entered the country illegally, even if later granted political asylum, to apply to stay in the United States on a permanent basis.

It is noteworthy for those, including the media, who try to politicize the courts that the decision was unanimous. It goes to remind us that justices are not to decide cases based on their political beliefs but on the law. Certainly, justices have different judicial philosophies that express themselves but justices’ jobs are to interpret the law, not make it. Thus, it is nice to note the times when it is evident that the law is clear, that the Supreme Court will rule on the law, not on their opinion.

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