New Zealand Announces Transgender Olympian

New Zealand just announced their upcoming Olympic team and, for the first time will have a transgender athlete. In this particular case, a member of the women’s weightlifting team will be transgender.

Laurel Hubbard will be part of New Zealand’s delegation to the Tokyo Olympic Games next month.

Hubbard has been competing in weightlifting competitions for years, prior to 2013 in men’s competitions. However, Hubbard never made an Olympic team as a younger person but now competing against women has made the Olympic team and will be the oldest weightlifter at the Olympics

To those that do not have another agenda other than fairness, those things are significant. Even though older now, Hubbard has reached a top level of performance but this time it is against women. Of course, that is not coincidental.

Do you ever wonder why we have not heard of a case of a transgender athlete, who was born female and then wanted to change, that became a world class athlete or competed at star levels?  Of course not. No one wonders about that because it is obvious and logical that people who are born female and then later are competing against men are at a disadvantage because of their genetics. 

And that is exactly the reason why it is illogical and anti-scientific to allow people born male to later in life compete against female athletes:  they have an inherent advantage and it simply is anti-woman to allow them to do so.

Such prominent athletic figures in the LBGT community as Hall of Fame tennis star Martina Navratilova and former Olympic decathlon champion Caitlyn Jenner have come out solidly against allowing people born male and gone through puberty, to compete in female sports.

There is no issue or question about the genetic and athletic fairness-it is not fair. There is a reason that drug testing for athletes includes testing for testosterone-based substances.

We have sacrificed athletic competition for women on the altar of Woke political correctness and that is tragic. Unfortunately, it does increasingly show the accuracy of one commentator’s statement that these types of cultural questions are becoming the new fascism.

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