News Of The Weird: Sidney Powell (Enough Said)

Sidney Powell was one of the more colorful figures in former President Trump’s lawsuits about the election. Powell was part of the Trump’s legal team and, among other things, filed a lawsuit in Michigan alleging voting irregularities in Edison County…but obviously did not check a map before filing because there is no Edison County in Michigan.

Powell is also being sued by Dominion Voting Systems.  Powell had repeatedly claimed that vote counting machines, using software from Dominion, had electronically changed votes cast for Trump to votes for Biden. Dominion is suing Powell for defamation. That case is going before a judge today for a preliminary hearing.

Powell’s defense?  In a motion filed by her legal team in March, Powell and her attorneys argued that the case should be dismissed in part because “no reasonable person” should have believed that her election statements about votes being changed electronically were “truly statements of fact”.

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