You Can’t Fix Stupid (continued)

An update to an article on this site from May, Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) is again making himself look silly, to be kind.

You may recall that Clyde had said that the people who attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6 where just like “tourists”, who were simply strolling calmly through the building. However, a reporter found a picture of Clyde pushing furniture against the door to barricade the House chamber from the attacking “tourists”.

Yet, earlier this week during a session of Congress, Clyde again claims that the attackers were simply “tourists”, saying that he stood by his earlier statement.

To coin a tagline from a famous comedian, Rep. Clyde “Here’s your sign.”

It Really Is Pretty Simple

In several large cities over the last year, police budgets were dramatically cut as calls to ‘defund the police’ spread after the killing of George Floyd.

In Washington DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser and the City Council cut the police budget by $15 M last year, only to see homicides spike in 2020 and are on track so far this year to reach the highest level in 16 years. Bowser has now reversed course and has proposed a budget to hire 170 additional officers over the next two years and has offered unlimited overtime immediately to combat the crime spike.

This is not rocket science:  you cut law enforcement, you get an increase in crime. Why have had so many big city mayors not been able to see this coming?

Every profession will have bad actors and, unfortunately, the police are no different. When that happens, we have to hold them to a higher standard because of the unique status that they hold. Derek Chauvin, who killed George Floyd, was tried and convicted and will spend most of the rest of his life in prison. That is the way it should be—was done. That is not to minimize the death of Floyd, but to say that when things are wrong, you address the wrong. To defund law enforcement across the board, everywhere gets predictable results that, unfortunately, the people in large cities are now paying for.

Corporate Hypocrisy

Some companies with ‘Woke’, politically correct leaders are increasingly jumping into the world of politics.

Such is the case with Coca-Cola, a Georgia company who came out strongly against Georgia’s election integrity laws, saying they suppressed voting rights.

Yet Coca-Cola is sponsoring the Beijing Olympics in China where more than a million people have been forcibly relocated to work camps.

So the conclusion we can draw is that, to Coca-Cola, having to provide a picture ID to vote is of more concern than forcing minorities from their homes and shipping them off to camps to work for the government.

The Rising Chinese Threat (Part 1 In A Series): Military

As China becomes more overtly expansionist and is interfering with other nations on several levels, the threat to the world has grown almost exponentially over the last decade.

This is the first in a series looking at the aggressive policies of China, how they are affecting the world and what can be done to contain the threat that has become China and the oppressive ruling Communist Party. Today’s review looks at the most overt indicator of China’s growing strength and growing threat, that being the Chinese military and its use.

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Witness From Syria

The civil war (or revolution) in Syria has gone on for a decade now, with no end in sight. Statistics of those killed and displaced are massive but somehow lose their impact through repeating over the last several years, yet are indicative of the massive human cost (and what people, such as Syrian President Assad, will do to maintain power–man’s inhumanity to man).

The link below is to an article, linked because it is worth reading in its entirety. From a resident of Aleppo, target of one of Assad’s chemical weapons attack on civilians, the narrative spells out what life is like and why she has chosen to speak out.

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