Friday Quick Takes

Protests break out in Cuba and the US calls on the United Nations to investigate human rights…but not in Cuba and you won’t believe where.

United States Asks UN To Investigate…The United States

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has asked the United Nations to review human rights….in the United States. China has forced one million Uyghurs in forced labor camps, Cuba is beating and imprisoning peaceful protesters and shutting down the internet to try to stop dissent, Venezuela is torturing political prisoners and Russia imprisoning and poisoning political opponents of the regime… Yet Blinken and the Biden Administration feel that the big danger in the world is the United States.

Speaking Of Cuba…

In the last few days, large protests have broken out in Cuba. The protests spontaneously spread around the country. After years of oppression, the people are calling for an end to totalitarian rule and are actually chanting “America! America!”

So far, there is on comment on the protests from prominent US socialists such as Bernie Sanders or film maker Michael Moore, who made a movie praising the virtues of Cuba’s socialist health care system.

I wonder if there is a way that we could work out a deal where everyone is happy:  the people in Cuba that hate socialism and want to be in America could come here, and those that are here and want a socialist country could go to Cuba? But nah…we know that socialists such as Sanders do not really mean what they preach. After all, Sanders is a multi-millionaire and if he actually believed what he spouted he would have given it away to help others.

The Underlying Agenda Of BLM

The Black Lives Matter organization (commonly “BLM”) has faced criticism, not because of its stated desire for racial justice but because of its far left radicalism which reflects the radicalism of its leaders and founders, two of which proudly proclaim their Marxist beliefs.

This was reflected again yesterday, when commenting on the rising tide of protests in Cuba against the Communist government, BLM’s statement spent most of the time calling for an end to the US embargo of Cuba and spent very little time talking about the need for freedom and self-determination for the Cuban people.

That is why this column has always said “Support the cause and oppose the organization.”  The BLM organization is about promoting a radical agenda and no one should be supporting or donating money to that radical liberal revolutionary group.

New York Declines To “Follow The Science”

New York City Mayor “Sandinista” Bill de Blasio has said that students will be required to wear masks when they return to school in the fall, despite new CDC guidance.

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