Weekend Quick Takes

Crime and violence, and one glimmer of bipartisanship wrap up the week, in this edition of Quick Takes.

The Real Problems At The Border

There is an ongoing philosophical battle about illegal immigration and how to deal with it. Those to whom it is not a big concern, fall back on the “it’s racism” argument and so the public debate stops since that is just an emotional tirade rather than a serious argument. The argument against illegal immigration is primarily one of enforcement of the law, and the feeling is the same no matter what border we are talking about, and if there needs to be a change in policy then change the law.

However, though enforcing the law and giving money to non-citizens are the main reasons most have a problem with illegal immigration, there actually are a host of other reasons. In this immediate crisis, where more than a million people have been arrested for crossing the border illegally so far this year, the more pressing problems are illustrated by the two facts below, that are minimized and ignored when the “that’s racist” charge is thrown out in an attempt to demonize those in favor of border and law enforcement:

–an increase of 78% in seizures of fentanyl at the over from last year

–an increase in covid cases of roughly 900% in the Rio Grande Valley

There are bigger implications around securing borders, other than just preventing illegal entry by millions of people each year. To ignore the deeper issues is to show a naiveté that puts US citizens at risk.

It Really Is Pretty Easy To Understand

Washington DC has seen a rise in violent crime in the last few weeks, even more so than what the city had already seen this year. The homicide rate is at an 18-year high and was highlighted by two criminals caught on video yesterday shooting up a neighborhood only blocks from the White House.

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser had come out in favor of cuts in police funding. Yesterday, she authorized as much money to be spent on police overtime as needed to stop the crime wave in the nation’s capital. Amazing what an unsafe city will do to change her opinion.

Defund the police, and crime goes up. It really is a pretty simple equation.

Love And Death?

In an audio statement released yesterday, former President Donald Trump continued to talk about how the election had been stolen from him and said that the crowd that attacked the Capital on Jan. 6 was a “loving crowd”.

The fact that five people died from the actions of that “loving crowd” that day did not seem to be anything that Trump cared about.

Bipartisan Effort To Do What’s Right

The House voted overwhelmingly yesterday to increase the number of visas for Afghans who worked with the US military in the Afghanistan war.

Florida Republican and Vietnam war veteran Rep. Neal Dunn spoke in support of a bill by Rep. Jason Crow, a Colorado Democrat and former Army Ranger who fought in Afghanistan that would help translators and others who worked with the US military to be able to immigrate to this country.  In his emotional appeal, Dunn evoked the scenes of the US military withdrawal from Vietnam, which left many Vietnamese who had worked with American forces fearing torture and death after the US withdrawal.

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