The “Do As I Say” Olympics

It seems that the last two weeks has seen an unusually large number of politicians have decided to show us that when they make rules and laws, they do not mean for those to apply to themselves…because, you know, they know better than you and all of us are just ‘the masses’ who must be led by the Woke enlightened crowd.

Here some recent examples:

Do As I Say, But Don’t Question What I Do

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) has called repeatedly for defunding the police. Yet, recently, she was asked about why she wants to defund the police at the same time she is hiring armed security for herself. Her answer:  she is more important than you. Her exact words, taken from an interview yesterday:

I have too much work to do there, too many people that need help right now for me to allow that. So, if I end up spending $200,000, if I spend 10 more dollars on it — you know what? I get to be here to do the work. So suck it up and defunding the police has to happen.

So $200,000 on armed guards for her because “I have too much work to do”, but defund the police and security for everyone else. Just one more reason why Congress should be required to live with the laws they pass for everyone else.

Teachers Sue Parent

When a Rhode Island mother asked about what her child was being taught her public school, the teacher refused to discuss it. When she went to the school, they refused to give her copies or outlines of the curriculum.

At that point, Nicole Solas decided that she would use public record laws to get the information from the public schools in the South Kingston school district. 

It seems like a simple request:  a parent wants to know what is being taught to her children.  But the teacher’s union will have none of that.  The Rhode Island chapter of the National Education Association has sued Solas to keep her from getting the information she has requested. Oddly, and in an indication of likely collusion, a copy of an email that Solas sent to the school’s principal ended up in the lawsuit by the union.

Can you imagine, a teacher’s union suing a parent to keep them from finding out what is in the curriculum that’s being taught?  I thought teachers wanted parent involvement. Let us be clear, the NEA is NOT about protecting children and education, it is about protecting its members and their agenda.

Covid Hypocrisy-Again

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is a regular to the list arrogant hypocrisy. Last year she worked with the City Council to cut money from the police budget, only for crime and murders to spike in the city, and now she has proposed hiring 170 new police officers in next year’s budget

Most recently, however, Bowser implemented new covid restrictions that included wearing masks when in close contact and indoors. However, Bowser was at a wedding and spotted sitting at the reception without a mask. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened and Bowser had previously ignored her own orders last year.  Because, you see, her rules only apply to others…

At a high level, the above illustrates a fundamental difference between the world view of liberals and conservatives. Generally speaking, conservatives believe that the people know what is best for themselves and should be allowed to make decision. And if those decisions are bad ones, they still have the right to make them but then must also live with the consequences.

Liberals tend to believe that government is there to protect people, sometimes even from themselves. Thus, government control–preferably benevolent government control-is not a bad thing and is there to help and even keep people from making bad decisions that are not in their own interests, and the government can help tell people what is in their own interests.

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