(More) “Do As I Say” Olympics

It seems the news of politicians deciding that their rules are for everyone but them will not end.

The latest is John Kerry, who was President Obama’s Secretary of State and currently serves as President Biden’s ‘climate czar’. Kerry has said that people are not doing enough to fight global warming, that we must dramatically cut our use of fossil/carbon fuels and that climate change is “an existential threat” to the world.

Yet when Kerry received an invitation to President Obama’s 60th birthday party today, he took a private plane to fly to Martha’s Vineyard.

Kerry also owns a private jet that his family uses regularly.

So if the use of fossil fuels is a threat to the existence of the world, why would someone whose sole job function is to combat that threat take a private jet, much less own one? Well, it is either that Kerry doesn’t believe what he says and just makes money off it, or he believes he is better than the rest of us and the rich are exempt from every inconvenience.

Do you think that Greta Thunberg will call him out?

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