The Rising China Threat (Part 3 In A Series): Expanding Repression And Genocide

One of the things that is not taught in history classes is the history of genocide in our lifetime. Everyone knows of the systematic killing of six million Jews by Hitler. Some know of the roughly contemporary genocide by Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union, where

Yet few remember the long history of mass killings by the Chinese government, which is still run by the same Communist Party that killed, by conservative estimates, more than twenty million people during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960’s and ‘70’s and tens of millions more forcibly relocated to re-education camps or to work in state run farms . As a matter of fact, just last month the Chinese government celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party and Mao Zedong,  who founded the Party and also ordered the Cultural Revolution.

That history continues and is active today in China. The Chinese government not only violently suppresses any political dissent, but most engaged in genocide against its own Uyghur minority. Well documented instances from several sources have exposed the Chinese torture, killing and forced relocation to the Uyghur population. Estimates are that over one million people have been forcibly relocated to forced labor camps, and those who resist or the most vocal among the population are imprisoned, tortured and, in a large number of reported cases, killed.

Yet, the world does very little. And, for that matter, nor do American corporations like Coca-Cola who overlook the issue and then line up to sponsor the next Olympics which will be held in China.

The world reaction, or lack thereof, has emboldened the Chinese and they are exporting their violent control elsewhere.  In Hong Kong, whose citizens are supposed to have protected rights by international treaty even though they are a Chinese province, China has stepped up repression. Guaranteed rights of free expression, for example, are now prohibited and the last free media outlet in Hong Kong announced it was closing last month. Human rights activists have been imprisoned under a new ‘state security’ law passed by China and imposed on Hong Kong, against international treaty.

China is expanding its use of force, imprisonment and killing as a weapon. At the same time, China last October ran for and won a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Commission. When China is engaged in genocide but then sets itself up as an example of human rights, the world should not only be worried but is in a sad state.

Communism is evil. China is dangerous.

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