“Do As I Say”, Post-Olympics

The Olympics are over, but it still seems to be the season for politicians outdoing themselves to show their hypocrisy and how they mean for their rules to apply to everyone else, but not them.

In the first half of this week, we have two examples of hypocrisy, one from each major political party, just to show that hypocrisy is a shared character trait, apparently.

In Favor Of Virus Mandates….For Everyone Else

It has almost become a weekly occurrence for some politician to favor mandates to fight the pandemic, only to do the opposite of what they say they favor.

At a weekend wedding, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) danced maskless next to members of a large indoor crowd during a wedding in Dearborn, MI where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance calls for indoor masking.

Video of Tlaib, a member of ‘The Squad’ of far left members of Congress, surfaced the same day that Tlaib issued a statement telling Republicans that “people are dying….start resisting the virus”.

She meant that for everyone else, not her of course.

Trump Hypocrisy (And War On Republicans)

The Senate passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill, with the majority of Democrats and 19 Republicans supporting the bill. The roughly $1.1 trillion bill was almost 2/3 less than what President Biden’s original $2.9 trillion proposal and eliminating most (but not all, for sure) of the non-infrastructure spending that had been added. For most of the public, it was an example of two sides working together to find a compromise, each side getting some of what it wanted but having to give up something in return.

Former President Trump called the bill a “disgrace” and promised Republican Senators, “If this deal happens, lots of primaries will be coming your way!” 

Trump’s threat to Republican Senators who worked with Democrats to pass a much smaller bill is especially odd, since Trump himself pitched a $1 trillion infrastructure plan as a presidential candidate — and nearly backed a $2 trillion package in 2019, only to blow up negotiations in an Oval Office meeting where he announced he wouldn’t work with Democrats in Congress until they stopped investigating him. (They didn’t.)

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